Introducing GEOS SAR100 Member Benefit

GEOS is pleased to offer a new higher level membership benefit for new and existing customers. Purchase our new Search and Rescue member benefit. The new SAR100 provides expense reimbursement of up to $100,000 USD for a single incident, for up to one (1) incident per member for year. All of this for $24.95 USD per year. Click to Buy Now!

Global Emergency Notification Device Monitoring

GEOS is the world leader in emergency monitoring and response. Today, GEOS monitors devices operating on 100% of the global satellite networks and we support a growing number of cellular based solutions. We also have exclusive member benefits for anyone who uses a GEOS supported device. Whether you are an individual, or an enterprise, GEOS has solutions that can be tailored to your needs, either directly or through one of our partners. Check it out above by going to GEOS Offerings today!

Global Safety Response Solutions For Enterprise

GEOS and its wholly owned subsidiary, GEOS Response are the international leaders in providing safety response and monitored solutions to enterprise customers. GEOS Response, the home of the International Emergency Response Center (IERCC) offers a wide variety of solutions to fit every business need. From Fortune 50 to small enterprises, we can help. Contact us today to see what GEOS can do for your business and its employees.

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