Snowmobile Accident Victim Rescued After SPOT Satellite Messenger Sends Distress Message and GPS Location; Wife Kept Informed and Updated on Rescue Progress

May 27, 2008 – SPOT Rescue Alert (SRA) Bill Hanson, a member of an experienced snowmobiling party out for some winter fun in the remote backcountry near Seward, Alaska, initiated a 9-1-1 rescue alert from his SPOT Satellite MessengerTM after two sleds collided head-on. Mr. Hanson’s friend was badly injured as result of the collision between the two, 480 pound machines approximately 150 miles from Anchorage.

The group realized that the man needed immediate medical attention and due to the severity of his injuries, they could not transport him on their own. Twenty-five miles from the nearest road, deep in Nellie Juan Canyon and without phone or radio service, Mr. Hanson initiated a 9-1-1 rescue alert from his SPOT Satellite Messenger, a personal safety device that allows users to communicate from remote locations around the globe and initiate emergency response calls independently of cellular networks.

“I purchased the SPOT Satellite Messenger as a safety precaution of last resort for my frequent outdoor adventures,” said Bill Hanson. “When a group of us departed on March 27th for some snowmobiling in the familiar territory outside of Seward, I had no idea how much we would come to rely on SPOT Messenger’s emergency alert capabilities.” The distress message alerted GEOS International Emergency Response Center personnel, who in turn contacted local authorities with Mr. Hanson’s GPS coordinates. The Alaska Lifeguard Service Chopper was deployed from Anchorage and subsequently landed on a lake near the crash site. The injured party was examined and transported to the Central Peninsula General Hospital in Soldotna, Alaska.

“I was impressed with SPOT’s handling of the emergency rescue alert, but was even more pleased with how well the team at GEOS did at keeping my wife informed of the unfolding events during the rescue,” added Hanson. GEOS communicated with Mr. Hanson’s wife over the phone each time there was an update in events.

“After Bill pressed the 9-1-1 button on his SPOT Satellite Messenger, I received a phone call from GEOS to verify information and inform me of the incident,” said Jodi Hanson, Bill’s wife. “Knowing your loved one could be hurt or worse is devastating. Without their constant updates every 10 minutes during the rescue I couldn’t have gone through this.”

“Emergencies can happen when least expected and the Alaska backcountry is a harsh environment where cellular coverage is likely non-existent,” said Darren Bassel, Director of Marketing for SPOT Inc. “We designed the SPOT Satellite Messenger for exactly this kind of scenario, and we are delighted that a disaster was averted, and that we were able to provide peace-of-mind to affected friends and family.”


Used With Permission From SPOT LLC