If you are a device manufacturer, OEM, SmartPhone Application Developer or Solution Provider and are looking for a company to monitor emergency alerts and provide a proven emergency response coordination effort, then look no further. GEOS is the missing piece of the puzzle.

With an internationally proven track record of providing Emergency Monitoring and Response services the IERCC is what you need. By teaming with GEOS to interface your platform with our in-house proprietary monitoring system, you get all of the benefits that our monitoring partners have been leveraging for years.

For GEOS it has never been simply about monitoring, that is the easy part, the real test is in the ability to coordinate emergency response and response resources anywhere and anytime. The International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) has coordinated thousands of Search and Rescue, and Urban Responses in over 120 countries. This is a testament to our dedication and focus on being the best of the best.

Our team at the IERCC are all certified and trained First Responders, not “operators” and we invest further in their training ensuring that they are the best trained and informed personnel possible. Beyond the team, you get to leverage the highly redundant systems infrastructure that is based in an underground bunker just outside of Houston, Texas. Not only are our systems redundant, they are housed in a Tier III datacenter in the “bunker” with six redundant fiber providers, two separate power grids, UPS and generator back up. The bunker is called the most secure datacenter in the US.

GEOS supports monitoring partners in a number of areas such as personal beacons, workplace and school safety, maritime and aviation, and vehicle crash detection. Check out our supported devices page to see the diversity of solutions we support today.

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