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GEOS MEDIVAC is a single, life-saving source for medical evacuation and emergency assistance. Medical evacuation coverage is available from any country worldwide* and starts 99 miles away from home to a hospital of your choice. All plans are activated over the internet without the inconvenience of paperwork and coverage can be immediate or purchased for a future trip.

We recognize that in an overseas environment, accident, illness or medical problems become traumatic experiences. Our services include 24 hour multi-lingual telephone assistance, to coordinate and liaise with patients, their families, doctors, nurses and specialists across the world no matter what the time or language spoken locally.

Our multi-lingual staff are on hand 24 hours a day to help and advise patients on any medical problem. We will if required assist in locating the nearest medical facility as well as being available to offer advice and support. Our team ensures that no matter what the problem is we will act swiftly, professionally and sympathetically.

Our Medical Director reviews all serious cases and liaises with the treating medical professionals to agree the most appropriate medical management. Our assistance team coordinates the care and plans the logistics to ensure that patient’s needs are well cared for. We manage administration and keep accurate records.

Our services are coordinated under our proven internal systems and procedures to deliver best practice.

This is a “Medical Evacuation and Repatriation” membership program, which we are able to offer you, and around 100,000 other GEOS members, at very low rates with savings of up to 80% compared to other programs providing a similar benefit.

This is a prepaid private Medical Evacuation membership program. Please note that this is not an insurance plan, travel insurance policy or a healthcare plan and, therefore, GEOS will not reimburse members for expenses they incur on their own.

Up to $1,000,000 of Medical Evacuation Benefits

What are the benefits:

One of the most attractive  features of this special GEOS program is that it provides  coverage for the cost of repatriating you to a hospital near your home from anywhere in the USA or Canada (if you have chosen the North American option) or anywhere in the world (if you are an international member), avoiding a possibly long stay in a hospital many miles from your family and friends. The upgrade covering international travel throughout the world is available at very little additional cost and you are entitled to use this valuable service from the moment you are just 99 miles or more away from home!

THE GEOS DIFFERENCE – UNBEATABLE BENEFITS AT AN UNBEATABLE PRICE As a GEOS MEDIVAC member, emergency evacuation will be provided if you need to be hospitalized while you are 99 miles or more away from your permanent residence. GEOS will ensure and provide you with Medical Evacuation from the nearest medical facility and repatriation to the hospital of YOUR choice in a medically-equipped and staffed aircraft. The amounts of benefit covered are specified in the scale of benefits in the Benefits Sections “A” through “C” below.

Our service is one of the most comprehensive services available, at a fraction of the price of other MEDIVAC plans. We will look after you from the moment you arrive at the nearest hospital required to stabilize your condition and throughout the medical evacuation to the final hospital of your choice. We even cover the cost of any emergency treatment required to stabilize your condition so that you may then be safely medically evacuated to your final hospital of choice.

Air ambulance − equipped and designed to cater for medical emergencies, always accompanied by doctors or nurses..

Road Ambulance − used frequently to transport a patient to and from a commercial airfield, or hospital, also used to meet flights and transport patients to the receiving hospital following a repatriation or evacuation.

Commercial flight − every airline has its own requirements before allowing a patient to travel. Our liaison and forward planning with the airline is required to ensure that seat configurations will allow for a patient to travel comfortably and safely whether or not accompanied by a medical escort. Some commercial airlines do allow stretchers to be transported.

Helicopters − may be used when a medical aircraft cannot access an area or a road ambulance cannot travel.

Train and taxi − for short distances to ensure a patient journey is completed to their required destination.

GEOS MEDIVAC Members are offered this service to ensure our member gets to a hospital near home safely. We arrange all tickets and itineraries, to ensure the traveller is fully briefed and has a trouble-free journey.

Medivac Table Update

Please note that the provision of this service is subject to the geo-political status of the country at the time the assistance is required. Information on restricted or excluded countries and up-to-date alerts can be found on the IERCC Country Alerts Page by clicking here.

In an effort to cover our members needs, GEOS offers the following MEDIVAC Membership Plans:

GEOS Annual MEDIVAC Membership                                            Annual Cost (USD)

NORTH American Plans:

US/Canada Benefit: Individual                                                                        $129.95

US/Canada Benefit: Couple                                                                           $229.00

US/Canada Benefit: Family                                                                             $329.00

International Plans:

International Benefit: Individual                                                                    $175.00

International Benefit: Couple                                                                         $340.00

International Benefit: Family                                                                          $499.00

The GEOS IERCC highly recommends combining the Medical Evacuation (MEDIVAC) Membership with the GEOS Search and Rescue (SAR) Benefit for greater peace of mind. The combination of these two affordable benefit plans provide you with the most complete coverage available.


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