June 30th, 2008

Montgomery, TX – The GEOS Response Center, started by Travel Safety Group (GEOS) in November 2007 is undergoing a name change effectively immediately. The new name is now the International Emergency Response Coordination Center or IERCC for short.

“The name change was to better reflect our role in the international Search and Rescue community where Rescue Coordination Centers are our primary contact”, said Mark Garver, CEO of GEOS Response. “We consciously chose to use the word Response as opposed to Rescue to show what our primary role truly is, Response Coordination.”

Also during the past few months under the new leadership of Mark Garver,  the IERCC has been adding a number of staff to its roster.

“It is very important in this environment to staff the center with qualified personnel and where better to find them than to recruit from the local police, fire and EMS departments”, said Garver. “If you can’t talk the talk, you will never gain the trust and respect of the first response agencies you are dealing with. Otherwise you are just another call center”.

The IERCC has also adopted strict doctrine under Garver, including adherence to the International Aviation and Maritime Search and Rescue (IAMSAR) manual and procedures from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other recognized protocols.

About the International Emergency Response Center (IERCC)

The IERCC was founded by GEOS in November of 2007 to put in place a centralized global monitoring center for the companies legacy products and the new SPOT Satellite Messenger introduced by Globalstar, Inc with its new company Spot. The IERCC is the exclusive international monitoring center for SPOT. The IERCC is located in Montgomery, TX.