October 4, 2007 

Montgomery, TX – Travel Safety Group, Ltd. (GEOS) has entered into a multi-year monitoring agreement with Globalstar, Inc. (OTCQBGSAT), for Globalstar’s newly introduced SPOT Satellite Messenger. Under the terms of the agreement GEOS will integrate SOS/911 monitoring for SPOT devices into a Global Emergency Response Center. The GEOS Response center will be located just north of Houston in a secure commercial facility with the datacenter located in a 40,000 Sq. Ft. underground bunker.

“This agreement between our two companies shows that GEOS has made the appropriate investments with an emphasis on Safety Solutions and is a recognized leader”, said Mr. Peter Chlubek, Executive Chairman of GEOS. “It extends our monitoring capabilities into the Satellite market, providing near global coverage.”

About Travel Safety Group (GEOS) 

GEOS founded in 2005 is an international company focused on providing leading edge safety solutions into both the commercial and consumer markets. The company’s primary emphasis to date has been in Cellular-based tracking and alerting solutions. The company’s US headquarters is based in Montgomery, Texas.