Welcome to GEOS Worldwide.

Our mission at GEOS is to provide solutions and services that truly save lives and provide a safer environment for all of our clients – wherever they may be in the World. These offerings are supported by our International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC), which is based in a secure facility just North of Houston, TX. The IERCC is the world’s first international emergency response center having supported rescues in over 140 countries and having saved many thousands of lives all over the World. It is staffed 24×7 365 days per year with Watch Standers, SAR Mission Coordinators, Safety and Security professionals, and Duty Officers.

Every solution offered by GEOS must meet one simple criterion – does it help to save lives and protect our client, their employees, or in the case of School Safety Solutions, their faculty and students. The year 2017 will see the twelfth anniversary since the formal incorporation of GEOS. GEOS has been offering our services since 2005 and, upon launching the IERCC (GEOS Response) in 2007 we moved these solutions to a truly global environment.

In 2013, we introduced our Enterprise Products company, GEOS Safety Solutions, Inc. with a mission to provide global asset safety and security assurance for enterprise clients in a variety of critical environments. Since the launch GEOS Safety Solutions has become a global force in asset monitoring, moving GEOS beyond emergency monitoring of people, to asset monitoring and tracking. At GEOS we know that a companies key assets are people, places and things all with their own unique needs.

Everyday someone is positively impacted by the people at GEOS and the solutions we provide and I believe that, over the past 12 years, GEOS has truly become the global leader in emergency response solutions and monitoring.

I feel very privileged to be able to work together with my colleagues on the Board, on the Management Team and with all the great people at the IERCC in Houston for whom helping to save lives all over the World is an everyday occurrence, and with the team at GEOS Safety Solutions, Inc. also based just North of Houston Texas.

Please have a look around our site to see what GEOS Worldwide can do for you or your company.


Peter Chlubek
Executive Chairman
GEOS Worldwide Limited